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E-mail: info@unusualrome.com

UnusalRome & Smartox

By purchasing a casket Samrtbox all leisure, you can participate in a guided tour organized by us.
In the below table you can consult the calendar of the events in the 2014.

Tour date
Saturday 15-March-2014
Saturday 12-April-2014
Saturday 10-May-2014
Saturday 31-May-2014
Saturday 21-June-2014
Saturday 19-July-2014
Saturday 30-August-2014
Saturday 13-September-2014
Saturday 04-October-2014
Saturday 01-November-2014

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Agreement with smartobox

  • UnusualRome make guided tours with box Smartbox according to a schedule determined annually.
  • The actual performance of each tour is subject to the achievement of a minimum number of partcepianti. UnusulRome therefore collects the membership on the dates indicated in the calendar, and will confirm a few days before each due date. In this case, cancellation epr lack of minimum number, the coupon will not be used. <
  • In case of bad weather, the view wizard can be canceled. In this case, do not use the coupon.